Why Is Pet Owner Liability Insurance Important?

Whether you are out on horseback or on a walk with the dog, you are liable for any damage to objects or persons your animal may cause, and that can be expensive.

Pet owner's liability insurance wards you, as a pet owner, from claims brought against you by third parties. Consider the following example:

Nina K.'s dog breaks loose while walking and causes a cyclist to crash and hurt himself. The cyclist demands the assumption of hospital costs as well as compensation for pain and suffering.

Pet owner's liability insurance offers the following benefits:

-- Check whether, and to what extent, you are obliged to pay for the damages incurred.

-- Defense against unfounded claims, even in court.

-- Reparations in money on justified claims.

A must for every pet owner. A private liability insurance applies only to small animals, like cats, guinea pigs or rabbits.

If you have a dog or a horse, you need a pet owner liability insurance. We offer protection for dog or horse owner liability insurance tailored to your needs.

For exotic animals, like snakes, monkeys or cats of prey, a special agreement is required. For all agricultural/commercial animals, like sheep, pigs or cows, there is a business liability insurance.