uso.orgOr simply put, the USO, is a non-profit organization that provides services, programs, and events for the United States military‘s service members and their families. Established by President Roosevelt in 1941 in preparation for the Second World War, the USO celebrated its 75th anniversary this year!

The USO‘s main mission is to help strengthen America‘s military service members by “keeping them connected to their families, home and country throughout their service to the nation.” Based out of Arlington, Virginia, the USO has offices and holds events all over the world. On various military bases, in airports, and even at overseas duty stations, they go where we go. Providing service members and their families with whatever it is they might need. They offer a little taste of home even when you´re hundreds of miles away. Did you know? The USO is not a part of the federal government. It is run by dedicated staff and a powerful family of volunteers relying on the support of their local communities, organizations and corporations in order to complete their goals.

Last July, I had the pleasure of speaking with two of the members who work at the USO in Stuttgart while attending one of their (fantastically) organized events.

The center director, Tiffany (right), and the programs coordinator, Nora (middle), were kind enough take the time out of their busy day to talk to me. These two lovely ladies have worked at the USO for quite some time now, and they both had nothing but praise for the organization. When asked, “If there was one thing you wanted people to know about the USO, what would it be?”

Tiffany answered:

“I think that the people who give so much of their time to an organization of 75 years just know that it‘s a worthwhile cause, in all aspects...”

Nora pointed out that one of the great things about the USO is that “the events change based upon the needs of the community.”

I then asked about some of the events that were specifically being held in Stuttgart this year. I learned about organized family brunches, care package preparations for our active duty soldiers, “Ice Cream Socials” (because who doesn‘t love ice cream?) and Stuttgart‘s third annual “Sun and Fun Day.” This last event, will be held on Stuttgart‘s Patch Barracks on August 27th and it is going to be one of the biggest of the summer. There will be good food, games, water festivities and more! The best part about it? Like all USO sponsored events— it’s free! So if you live in the area, be sure to check it out! “It‘s (a) great (event) because we can get the whole community to come together.”

Last, but certainly not least, the USO Stuttgart can offer you German language classes as well as various trips around Europe. To find out more about the classes, events and trips that your Stuttgart USO will be having this year, check out their Facebook page:

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