Moved into your new home off base or curious about life in Germany? Struggling with daily life? Feeling overwhelmed? Having lots of questions and not knowing where to find the answers because they seem too trivial or too personal?

KIRAMIGA is the place to turn to with any questions and issues you might have.

We met with KIRAMIGA and asked them what their service is all about.

Please tell us more about your service?

Starting again in a new culture can be stressful, time consuming and very emotional. We want to help you to settle into your new life in a practical and fun way - with lots of information, practical advice and a helping hand. We want you to feel perfectly welcome. The German life style is a wonderful one and we want you to experience it.

What do you offer in detail?

We have created hand-on courses/modules for groups and individuals with a variety of subjects (quick & easy, grocery shopping, drugstore, pharmacy, household matters, public transport, travel). But of course our portfolio also includes custom made modules and private sessions for more individual support, questions and issues.

What makes you special?

We have a very practical approach. Ideally we will take you shopping off base and explain on-hand what you need and are looking for. We will help you to understand the German daily life with all its facets. And we will assist you to find services off base (e.g. child care).
Further we will make and accompany you personally to any appointments (doctors, civil service, PTA meetings) and all this at any time during your stay. Plus we want to encourage people to meet up and have a good time together. Our modules can be booked as a group package (also together with friends) or as individual support. Just tell us what you need and together we will decide what suits you best.

Can you give us more specific information about one or two modules you offer?

What we encountered numerous times is how hard and emotional it is to be pregnant and to give birth in a foreign country. We have built up a competence center with all information around this topic. Hence we created our module pregnancy & babies. Another example is our module household matters. Nobody likes cleaning and especially the waste separation is like a closed book. We will guide through the jungle of cleaning products and guide you through the mysteries of waste e.g. ‘Gelbe Säcke’ (yellow bags). Moreover we help you to understand your neighbors and their German quirks. For more details, please refer to our webpage.

How did you come up with the idea?

Teaching Yoga / Pilates classes in English, I (Kira, the founder) was surprised as to how many questions my students encountered in daily life. They somehow had nobody to turn to. So I started helping them with all their issues. This gave me the inspiration to start up my company KIRAMIGA.


KIRAMIGA is a team of multilingual women with experience of living abroad. Each of us knows about the difficulties of moving to a foreign country and starting life again in a new culture. We want you to feel that you can contact us in any given situation with any questions or problems you might have.

How to stay up to date with KIRAMIGA?

You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram @KIRAMIGA and sign up for our newsletter on our website. Also our blog is worth browsing as we give you tips & tricks on how to ‘survive’ in and around Stuttgart.

Your message to our readers

Whatever your needs, we offer assistance on a personal level and want you to feel perfectly welcome in the area of Stuttgart. We are your friends to settle in.

Thank you for the interview.

For more information, please visit or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also contact us via phone +49 711 633 82 907 or via Facebook (messenger)

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