There are so many different ways to explore the outdoors or the historic cities in Germany. If you like riddles and treasure hunts, then becoming part of the geocaching community might be just the thing for you.

Geocaching has become hugely popular in Germany in the last five years. Not only is it a great way to discover new places, but the caches can require a riddle to be solved, often about the history or events of the region. So called mystery caches may even take some effort and research to solve before you can head out and collect the cache.

All you need to get started is a cell phone with a GPS and the Geocaching app. Register yourself and the map will show you the nearest cache in the area. All you have to do then is navigate your way there. Caches come in different levels of difficulty. Some are easily to find, other may require some climbing or fishing for the cache. There are also caches that will ask you to solve a series of caches to form a pattern on your map inside your app.

There are also geocaching events that will require you to do a certain amount of caches or caches in a certain area to earn a banner for your geocaching profile.

Geocaching is a fun way to make city trips more entertaining. Plan your route ahead of time, check if you have to solve any riddles and do your research before you head out. There are tons of caches in the forests of Germany, too, many along the many hiking trails, tucked away in ruins or hidden in caves. Once you find a cache, enter your name in the log book, check the box for any hidden treasures and then log the cache in your app. Travel bugs are one of the fun things that can be found in the caches. They are usually little keychains with a metal plaque that has a little bit of info and a number. That number can also be entered in your app. You can take the travel bug with you, and then deposit it in one of the next caches you find. When you log the bug in your app, it shows you the travel bugs history, where it originated and how far it has already traveled.

It’s a great way to get your kids and family out and about. So, what are you waiting for?