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Sonnenbühl 72820, Baden-Württemberg


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The Bärenhöhle or “ The Bear‘s Cave"

Only  a  few  kilometers  away  from  the  Nebelhöhle,  you will find the Bärenhöhle. On the 30th of May in 1834, the local school teacher Fauth lost his tobacco pouch as he was gathering herbs out in the forest; it fell down a crevice in the ground and into the darkness. 

The following ay, he decided to go digging with his group  of  friends  and  found  a  small cave.  Inside  they  found  rings  made of bronze and gold along with various pieces  of  bone  including  over  50  human remains, most likely from the Plague during the Thirty Years War.  

The  cave  is  split  into  two  parts:  the originally  discovered  Karlshöhle  and the 1949 discovered Bärenhöhle, 271 meters  of  which  are  accessible.  The Bärenhöhle, much like the Karlshöhle,was filled with various bone fragments due  to  the  numerous  bone fragments  and  skulls  of  cave  bears,  
this new section was soon called Bärenhöhle, or Bear‘s Cave. Nowadays, both caves are referred to as the Bärenhöhle.  The  temperatures  in  these  caves  are  also  48°-50°F  year  round (so  remember  your  warm  clothing), but unlike the Nebelhöhle a large portion  of  the  Bärenhöhle  is  wheelchair accessible.

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Sonnenbühl 72820, Baden-Württemberg
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